Woonoffensief Eindhoven

March 13th 14:00

Anthony van leeuwenhoeklaan park

Are you also fed up with the current housing policy?

When you are misled by intermediaries such as BVwonen, Camelot and de Huissleutel, when organisations like Blackstone buy up houses on a large scale, when massive amounts of rentals are in a state of disrepair, when students cannot find housing, when houses are seen as products to earn a profit with instead of shelters, when homelessness is on the rise, when there is less and less available social housing while vacancy is still common and when rent is rising through the roof, it’s time to raise our collective fists.

Banks, our government and big business have undermined the housing sector for decades. Students affected by student loans, the working class bearing an unfair share of the burden compared to the upper classes and everyone else affected by the current housing crisis have had enough. We must come together and rise up to demand change. The system is broken and corrupt, and radical change is necessary to improve the situation.

This struggle is about the most important thing in people’s lives: a place to unwind, where people can find safety and security and where they can have a family. A place where they can find warmth, tranquility, beauty and joy. This is why it’s worth fighting for. Besides our material demands, this is also a struggle for solidarity, freedom, honesty, justice, safety and comradery. We follow in the footsteps of similar protests, like those in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Groningen, Nijmegen, Arnhem and Utrecht, yet the work is not finished.

This is why Woonoffensief Eindhoven will march in protest through Eindhoven on the 13th of march at 14:00, with everyone who shares our values.

Join us, and be part of a new and just system!

Everyone deserves a roof over their head Join the fight!

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