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Our demands

Housing for those who need it, not for profit!

Rent must stay affordable after demolition, new construction and renovation
Housing associations regulary demolish or renovate old homes to ensure the dated buildings are up to modern quality and sustainability standards. When this happens, the housing association is allowed to raise the rent. This way, costs that are supposed to be the responsibility of the government and housing corporations are placed with individual tenants. We demand tenants are guaranteed an affordable home after renovation or demolition.

More public housing
There’s currently a vast shortage of public housing, leading to massive waiting lists. We need at least thousands of new public houses to combat this shortage and to be prepared for future population growth.

Guarantee sufficient and affordable housing for students
In recent years students who move to Eindhoven have repeatedly ended up in emergency shelters or a friend’s couch. These students fall victim to years of disastrous housing policy. Overpriced rents have forced students to amass extra student debt. International students are especially affected by these high rents because they are often forced to accept the first offer they can find, even if the rent is way too high. Local councils and schools must guarantee sufficient housing so all students, and especially international students, can have a roof over their heads

Make housing accessible for people with disabilities
Homes are no use to their residents without proper accessibility. This is especially relevant for people with disabilities, as public housing is still not widely accessible to them. We demand that all public housing, newly built and already existing, is made accessible to everyone.

Guarantee affordability!

Implement a maximum rate for rental houses
Our government has willingly lost control over the price of homes since the 80’s. This has led to extremely high prices for homes, and this policy has yet to end. By setting limits on the housing prices will stagnate and eventually decrease.

Freeze rent for a period of 5 years
In 2019, almost a quarter of families in Eindhoven rented a house which didn’t fit their income: this means that nearly a quarter of all residents of Eindhoven was forced to live in an unaffordable home. This number, not unlike the rents themselves, has only risen since then. A prolonged rent freeze puts these tenants at ease and protects them, while the government can work to find long-term solutions

Guarantee affordability
In recent years, rent has gone up exponentially compared to the nearly non-existent rise of wages. Besides finding a home, many have trouble paying for one. To guarantee affordability of houses, the government must set a maximum rate for rents. This will ensure everyone can afford a home.

More monitoring of landlords

Landlords’ permits
 Eigenaren van panden moeten een verhuurdersvergunning hebben voordat zij het pand kunnen verhuren, waarbij het pand onder andere op leefbaarheid en brandveiligheid wordt gecontroleerd. Het pand wordt jaarlijks gecontroleerd of het nog steeds aan de eisen voldoet. Na driemaal een overtreding te zijn begaan wordt de vergunning ingetrokken, wat ertoe zal leiden dat het pand wordt onteigend.

Monitor landlords without victimizing tenants
The home division in Eindhoven has shown us that a lack of enforcement of laws surrounding housing often results in tenants become the victim of their landlords actions. Tenants could lose their homes, while the perpetrators often get away scot free.

Eindhoven for the people, not for profit!

Keep investors out of Eindhoven
The housing shortage is exacerbated because real estate is treated as an investment opportunity. Our city is increasingly controlled by a small group of real estate giants which systematically outcompete regular people in the housing market. To ensure our inhabitants don’t fall victim to this pursuit of profit, these investors must be kept out of the city.

Enforce compulsory residence
Everyone who buys a house must live in this house for a minimum of three years before they are allowed to resell the house. A special exemption must be made for special circumstances like divorce or loss of income. This must prevent that homes are bought up on a large scale as an investment.

Vacancy tax
One way in which investments contribute to the housing shortage is letting buildings be vacant for prolonged periods at a time to drive up the price. The council must establish a vacancy tax to prevent this. Vacant premises will be registered, which serves as a signal to the owner to either rent out or sell the property. When the vacancy is not fixed within 12 months of being registered, the owner must pay an annual vacancy tax. The money the council makes from this can be reinvested in financing new housing projects.

Let squatters be

Nearly 4% of all homes, offices and stores in Eindhoven are currently vacant. These buildings are treated as consumer goods. Buildings shouldn’t be consumer goods however, as they are of social importance. To combat this, the ban on squatting must be lifted. We demand mayor John Jorritsma lifts this ban and declares Eindhoven a squatter-friendly zone, and starts working towards a policy of tolerance for squatters.

Nationalise the building sector

In recent decades the capitalist free market has failed in providing adequate housing. For this reason, we advocate for a national building program that focuses on providing everyone with a qualitative and affordable home without a profit motive. This is the only way to guarantee enough available homes for everyone.

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